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Spare Parts and Material for Asphalt Plant

    1. Heat ExchangerThe shell and tube heat exchanger is designed to maintain the temperature within bitumen mixing or production systems. The pipeline of the exchanger is produced using either carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the model. Inquiry Form
    1. Colloid MillThe stator and rotor of the colloid mill are constructed from high-strength alloy material.
      The mill can produce SBS modified asphalt with excellent emulsification effects.
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    1. Asphalt PumpThe asphalt pump is designed for the heating and transportation of heavy, high viscosity liquids. With its mandatory locking feature, the bitumen pump features reduced wear and a prolonged useful life. Inquiry Form
    1. Asphalt ModifierThe asphalt modifier allows the operator to create different types of asphalt through various processes and additives. Modified asphalt is sometimes required for different road construction projects depending on the location and type of road needed. Inquiry Form