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Road Maintenance Equipment

    1. Chip SpreaderThis is our ZM-A310 suspension type chip spreader. This asphalt equipment is designed to spread stone during road pavement operations. We designed the spreader for maximum stability and efficiency with uniform spreading. Inquiry Form
    1. Road SweeperOur road sweepers are applied during road construction and maintenance projects to clear the road of debris so that new asphalt can be laid on a clean surface. Inquiry Form
    1. Road Marking MachineThis road marking machine is designed to be mounted on a vehicle for the distribution of various road marking applications. This road construction equipment can place road markers and lines along highways and local roads. Inquiry Form
    1. Asphalt Transport TankIKOM manufactures long lasting and highly reliable asphalt tank trailers. Every asphalt trailer features special insulation as well as two high power burners to maintain the temperature of the contents. Inquiry Form
    1. Crack Sealing MachineOur crack sealers are designed for crack repair on highways, airport tarmacs and other asphalt surfaces. The sealers use slotted sealant distributors to fill cracks in order to prolong the service life of the road. Inquiry Form