Bitumen Storage Tank

The bitumen tank container is an asphalt storage device featuring an insulated structure for high efficiency heat preservation. The asphalt tank is also equipped with a high powered burner that keeps the asphalt heated for asphalt spraying and temperature maintenance for long distance transportation.

1. Standard asphalt container internal size design, easy to transport and unload contents.
2. Imported high-power burner with automatic ignition and throttle control.
3. Insulated tank, color steel plate.
4. Optional stirring shaft.

Technical Parameters:

Model ZM-20YSG ZM-40YSG
Shipment way 20ft container 40ft container
Tank Capacity 20m3 40m3
Heating Capacity 213kw*2 213kw*2
Optional 1: thermal oil pipeline DN20 DN20
Optional 2: Stirring Shaft with Motor Power 11kw 15kw
Shipping Dimensions 6056*2434*2588mm 12190*3430*2580mm

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