Bitumen Drum Decanter

The bitumen drum decanter is an asphalt production and storage system that consists of an oil boiler, heating bin, and hoisting mechanism. The heating bin is where the asphalt is melted and dehydrated. The heat is maintained so that the melted asphalt can be easily pumped from the bitumen drum.

Technical Parameters:

Model ZM-TT4 ZM-TT8
Productivity ( t/h) 3-4 6-8
Drum numbers per trolley 20 30
Capacity of bitumen storage ( m3) 12 12
The temperature of bitumen( ℃ ) 130-160 130-160
Asphalt pump(m3/h) 27 27
Trolley Working speed (m/min) 10.4 10.4
Power of thermal oil boiler (kw) 470 720
Total power of electric(kw) < 30 < 30
Total weight(t) 16 18
Dimension of (mm) 8000x2100x2600 11000×2550×2600

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