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Bitumen Emulsion Plant

The bitumen emulsion plant features an advanced frame that is designed for asphalt production and transportation. The bitumen pipeline is fully insulated and heated using transfer oil with a precise temperature control system. The high quality stainless steel design of the tank and pipeline of the bitumen equipment protects it from corrosion.

Technical Parameters:

Model ZMLR6000 Asphalt Emulsion Plant ZMLR10GX Modifed Asphalt Emulsion Plant
Productivity ≤ 6T/H Modified asphalt ≤ 6T/H Normal asphalt ≤ 10T/H
Emulsification tank 2500L x2 3000L x2
Asphalt heating tank 5000L 6000L
Emulsion supply pump 3T/H 6T/H
Colloid mill 6T/H 10T/H
Asphalt and Water ratio 5:5 6:4
Control Frequency converter Frequency converter
Dimension 7000x2200x2300mm Unit1. 7000x2200x2200mm Unit2. 5000x2200x2200mm

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