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Micro Surfacing Paver

The IKOM micro surfacing paver/slurry seal is designed and manufactured according to ISSA standards. This road surfacing equipment applies slurries and polymer-modified micro surfacing materials with great ease. These easy to use slurry pavers are powered by a 97kw Cummins diesel engine, Hydr-App hydraulic set, Johnson asphalt pump, and Bergkamp spreader box. These high quality components combine to create road maintenance equipment with incredible efficiency and reliability.

Main Features:
1. Double axis mixer system and strong Cummins engine effectively blend water, asphalt emulsion and additives for highly uniform mixing.
2. Vibration hopper discharges smoothly.
3. Stainless steel additive tank and removable liquid material tanks allow for quick cleaning.

Technical Parameters:

Model ZQZ5255TFC ZQZ5315TFC
Chassis HOWO 6x4 SHACMAN 8x4
Engine Power 196/1900 kw/(r/min) 247kw/1900rpm
Aggregates Bin Volume 10 m3 12 m3
Emulsion Tank Volume 3m3 4 m3
Water Tank Volume 3 m3 4 m3
Additive Tank Volume 300L 600 L
Cement additive Volume 0.5 m3 2 × 0.5 m3
Discharging Volume of Mixer max.2000KG/min max.3000KG/min
Width of Paver 2.4-4.3 m 2.4-4.3 m
Overall Dimensions 10350×2495×3400 (mm) (L × W × H) 12000 × 2496 × 3490 (mm) (L × W × H)

Main parts:

  • Dongfeng Cummins engine
  • Bergkamp spreader box
  • Dual stirring system
  • Imported asphalt pump

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