Synchronous chip sealer

IKOM synchronous chip sealers are innovative pieces of road equipment that are designed with a high-end aesthetic to complement their high construction efficiency. The chip sealers are implemented in a variety of high speed synchronization seal assignments for road repairs. This type of sealing provides cost savings, surface wear resistance, added road grip and waterproofing. After the road sealant is applied to the road surface, it is suitable for traffic in a short amount of time.

Main Features:
1. Large storage push plate type synchronous chip sealer.
2. Intelligent computer control, all operations can be controlled within the cab.
3. Full thermal transfer oil lubrication system allows for easy spraying and cleaning.
4. “auto-stop” system added if the asphalt lever drop s below the burner tube.

Technical Parameters:

Model ZQZ5311TFC ZQZ5250TFC ZQZ5160TFC
Total Mass(kg) 31000 25000 16000
Asphalt tank(L) 8000 6000 5000
Aggregate Bin(m³) 12 10 3
Max. Sealing width(mm) 3500 3500 3100
Asphalt Spraying Rate(L/m2) 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0 0.3-3.0
Chipping spread rate (L/m2) 2-22 2-22 2-22
Hopper working type Lifting Lifting Lifting
Control type Computer Computer Computer

Main parts:

  • Automatic computer control
  • Dual burner design
  • Imported high quality hydraulic pump
  • Honda generator
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