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Synchronous chip sealer with Packer Blade Type Hopper

LMT5311TFC-P Synchronous Chip Sealer with Packer Blade Type Hopper
This synchronous chip sealer is designed with a packer blade type hopper for increased storage for longer road sealing operations. The large storage hopper allows the operators to complete their work without unwanted refilling downtime. (17m3 Aggregate Hopper + 10000L Asphalt tank).

Hydraulic Packer Blade Type Aggregate Bin Structure:

Compare with Traditional Technology:

Gravitational Type
Gravitational hoppers can be too tall for use in tunnels or compact environments and the hopper capacity is only 8-13m3.

Belt Type
A belt system can be complicated to maintain and requires frequent belt replacement.

Model: ZQZ5311TFC-P
Chassis: HOWO 8X4
Total Mass (kg): 31000
Asphalt tank (L): 10000
Aggregate Bin (m3): 17
Max. Sealing Width (mm): 3500
Asphalt Spraying Rate (L/m2): 0.3-3.0
Chipping Spread Rate (L/m2): 2-22
Hopper Working Type: Packer Blade
Control Type: Computer

Working site in Hangzhou, China

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